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Wireline Cleaner Air/Water/Steam Wiper

The Wireline Cleaner is designed to remove drilling and completion fluids from the cable using Air, Water, or Steam. It can also be used as a small diameter wire rope cleaner.

Line Wiper 60-104.jpg

60-104 Line Wiper

104 Disk


Wireline Cleaner Information

  • Various line wiper models can be connected to Air, Steam, or Water to clean the cable.


  • The Line Wiper can be ordered with air hoses or steam/water hoses.


  • Replacement inserts of different sizes and types are available.

       (See Insert Size List)

  • A blue mounting disk is an option.  (See parts list)

Corelube - wireline wiper

Insert Sizes & Types

601 Line Wiper

Air Requirement 

Air consumption:  20 cfm @ 100 psi


The air volume & pressure can be set lower depending on the cable size & speed of the cable.

104 Mounting Disk

The blue disk is designed to hold the line wiper and fits into a make-up plate or hole cover plate, different sizes are available.

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