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Wire Rope Lubrication Equipment Award


The Problem Solving Solution of the Year.
The miners shown in the photo won two awards with our 950 Series recirculating system in a contest put on by Sifto Salt, for the best overall problem solving solution of the year and a monthly award.

Comments from the miners:

  • Rope fling-off and mess around the controllers has virtually been eliminated.


  • Our previous wire rope grease system is subject to a lot of wastage as well as holding in damaging particles and moisture.

  • The 950 Ser. wire rope lubrication system constantly recycled through its self-contained filtering system with no wastage.

  • Switching to the 950 Ser. wire rope lubrication system removed the fire hazard caused by excess grease which was left behind on the wood timbers and bulk heads from using the old type grease lubricators.


  • The 950 Ser. wire rope lubrication system has been proven to penetrate each strand wire core wire of the wire rope.


  • The CoreLube Equipment has completely solved our problem.

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