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Wire Rope Cleaning Tools & Equipment

The Wire Rope Groove Cleaner is designed to remove old grease & contaminants from the valleys of a wire rope.

Wire rope groove cleaner and thrust block.



•  Diameter Range: 13.0 mm to 127.0 mm

•  Number of Outer Strands: 3 to 18

•  Right or Left Hand Lay

•  Round Stranded Wire Ropes

•  Triangular/Swaged Stranded Wire Ropes

Video Clips showing Corelube Equipment groove cleaners in operation.

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Corelube - wire rope lubrication 2100-BOS collar
A-1600 wire rope lubricator collar

Removing old grease from between the strands of your wire rope is recommended to enable new lubricant penetration and inspection of the wire rope.

Corelubes wire rope groove cleaners are custom made to fit the helical contour of your wire rope, round or triangular swaged strand.

Note: A round stranded wire rope cleaner will not fit a triangular swaged wire rope. Because our groove cleaners fit the helical contour of your wire rope they remove far more grease and contaminates than any other groove cleaners available.

Our helix groove cleaners are manufactured to fit 3 to 18 outer strand wire ropes. Corelube is not limited to 6 or 8 outer strands like our competitors.

Corelube designed and engineered the first (3 segments) Helix Groove Cleaner in January of 2004. Unfortunately, you may find a “stolen copycat” being sold by other companies.

Wire rope cleaning before


wire rope cleaning after


The photos above show a new wire rope being cleaned of excess lubricant. ​The customer did not want the problem of excess lubricant dripping & flinging onto the deck of the vessel due to an over greased wire rope. Over greasing is one of the major problems with all high pressure grease applicators, due to the fact they fill in the valleys solid with grease. This is why we developed our BOS Lubricator.

The Thrust Block option shown below can be used independently. The purpose of the thrust block & guide bushings is to give the groove cleaner a flat smooth surface to rotate against.

Wire rope thrust block for cleaning

Thrust Block

Wire rope smooth bore cleaners

Smooth Bore Cleaners

wire rope groove cleaner - Corelube

Groove Cleaner

Wire Rope Construction Types

Round 6 Strand Wire Rope

6 Strand Round

18 Strand Wire Rope

18 Strand

Flattened Round

6 Strand Triangluar Wire Rope

6 Strand

 Triangular / Swaged

16 Strand Wire Rope

16 Strand


Corelube - wire rope cleaners

16 Strand

12 Strand

8 Strand - - -

wire rope cleaner - high wear


Patent Pending

HIGH wear long-lasting Wire Rope Cleaners available.

Don’t Be mislead by Straight Groove Cleaners or Straight Bore Cleaners as a wire rope groove cleaner.

They only clean the surface of the wire rope.

Groove Cleaners can be ordered from 3 to 18 Outer Strands.

Sizes available from to

Wire Rope Scraper Bushings

The Wire Rope Scraper Bushings are designed to scrape only the surface of a wire rope.

There are two sizes available (SB) & (SBX).

(SB) is our small Scraper Bushing. Maximum rope diameter:

(SBX) is our large Scraper Bushing. Maximum rope diameter:


Part Numbers:

#SB xxx                 (xxx) = Diameter of wire rope 

#SBX xxx               (xxx) = Diameter of wire rope

Smooth bore cleaners



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