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Wire Rope Lubricator Designed to Apply Penetrating Oils & Corrosion Inhibitors

The 850/950 wire rope lubricator continuously circulates Oil / Air around the wire rope. By injecting compressed air into the oil flow the penetration properties are significantly increased.

Corelube - wire rope lubrication collar

850 Applicator 

Corelube - wire rope lubrication oil collar

950 Applicator 

wire rope lubrication system 950-SCS-V1

950 circulating Light Oil Lubricator System 

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850 & 950 Systems


CoreLube’s 850 & 950 systems are unique in the cable lubricating industry. No other cable oiling system can circulate oil under pressure.

The systems use the kinetic energy created by our patented air seals to circulate a high volume of oil around the wire rope; this not only promotes penetration but also cleans by carrying off contaminants.



  • Penetrates into the strands of the wire rope.


  • Eliminates lubricant dripping and fling-off by air wiping the rope.


  • Removes trapped moisture and detrimental particles.


  • Continuously circulates & filters oil under pressure.

Corelube - wire rope lubrication flow drawing
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