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Cable Fresh Water Rinsing Systems

Designed to rinse Wireline cables & Wire ropes. with hot or cold water.

The Cable Cleaners below are available with high or low pressures nozzles.

They are designed to freshwater rinse cables.

They are not lubrication collars.


Wire rope lubrication system

The 950 Cable Cleaner was used to decontaminate a specialized hose used in an exploration research project in Antarctic.

Max. cable size: 3.0" (76.0mm) 

Wire rope washer unit and lubricator
Wire rope light oil lubrication system

The 850 Cable Cleaner is used by the Coast Guard, Research Ships, Wireline companies, and others to freshwater rinse the cables with hot or cold water.

Max. cable size: 1.680" (42.5mm)

Wire line steam washer unit

Our low pressure 601-18 Line Wiper is also used by NOAA and other research ships to rinse smaller cables with fresh water.

Max. cable size: .570" (14.5mm)

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