Wire Rope Semi-Fluid Lubrication Systems

Designed to apply wire rope self-penetrating lubricants.
Maximum grease grade NLGI #0



The BOS Systems have the capability of applying light, medium or heavy lubricant coatings.

The coating thickness are easily adjusted with our new pump control systems.

5 Collar Sizes Avalible.

Cable Size Range: 1.0mm to 184.mm

wire rope lubrication

1100 Collar

1100-BOS Collar, Fits ​​Cable sizes from:
0.04" (1.0mm) to 0.625" (15.9mm)
wire rope lubrication collar

2100 Collar

2100-BOS Collar, Fits Cable sizes from: 0.125" (3.2mm) to 1.69" (43.0mm)

For ROV & Oceanographic Research operations there are air jets built in the collar to remove the sea water prior to lubrication.

3100 Collar

3100-BOS Collar: Fits cables from:

0.47" (12.0mm) to 3.0" (77.0mm)

wire rope lubrication collar

4100 Collar

4100-BOS Collar, Fits cable sizes from:

1.5" (38.1mm) to 4.5" (115.0mm)

7100-BOS Collar, Fits cable sizes from:

4.5" (115.0mm) to 7.25" (184.0mm)

7100 Collar

7105 Collar

7105-BOS Collar, Fits cable sizes from:

4.5" (115.0mm) to 7.0" (178.0mm)

BOS RF Electric System

The Newest Innovation in EM Cable & Wire Rope Lubrication Equipment 

  • CoreLube BOS collars are extremely strong, lightweight & easy to use.

  • The guide bushings / scrapers remove surface contaminates from the wire rope.

  • The guide bushings snap into place quickly without tools. There are no bolts or metal plates to deal with.

  • Each guide bushing is machined to the diameter of the wire rope for maximum life & surface cleaning.

  • BOS spiral brushes fit a wide range of cable diameters.

  • Cable deformities can be run through the collar.

  • Cables can be run through the collar in either direction and at any angel.

  • Cables can run though the collar at speeds up to 150 Meters / Minute.

  • Pump fits all container sizes.

Only our BOS systems can evenly apply a light lubricant coating to a heavy lubricant coating.

  Medium Coating  

  Heavy Coating  

The wire ropes shown above have been coated with the same lubricant to two different thicknesses using our 2100-BOS system.


Pressure grease collars do not have this ability.  


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The key to cable corrosion protection is penetration & migration. Penetrating the individual wires that make up the wire rope can only be achieved with self-penetrating lubricants.

BOS Air Pump System


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