Wire Rope Grease Lubrication Systems

Designed to apply NLGI: #0, #1, #2 wire rope greases.

CoreLube's grease applicators are designed to inject grease to the core of the wire rope. 

A1200 Collar

Flow Chart Information


Fits up to 1.625"-- 41.mm Wire Ropes

wire rope lubrication system for appling grease.

A1600 Collar

Fits up to 2.562"-- 65.mm Wire Ropes

Fits up to 5" -- 127.mm Wire Ropes

1000G Collar

Fig. 1

A-1200-LB3 System Pump


A-1600-LB3 System Pump


System Pump


A-1600-LB4 System Pump


System Pump



System Pump

16 kg Container

55 kg Drum

180 kg Drum

Fig. 2

Fig. 4

Metal to Metal Contact with O-Ring Seals

Fig. 5

Guide Bushing / Scraper

Wire Rope Grease System Features

  • CoreLube grease collars are extremely strong, machined from solid aluminum, not a brittle weak casting.

  • The collar has two inlet ports for maximum volume and coverage.

  • The large inlet chamber allows the grease to penetrate into the wire rope at higher speeds.  (See Fig. 1)

  • The collar has a metal to metal contact with o-rings seals to contain high pressure. (See Fig. 4)

  • The collar has six swing bolts to clamp the collar tightly together to contain pressure.


  • Our grease pumps have a large 4.25” air motor to deliver a high volume output. This enables the wire rope to be lubricated at faster speeds. (See Fig. 2)


  • The scraper guide bushings remove surface contaminates of the wire rope. All bushings are machined to the diameter of the wire rope for maximum surface cleaning. (See Fig. 5)

  • The scraper guide bushings snap quickly into place without tools. There are no bolts or metal plates to deal with.

  • The scraper guide bushings extend the seal life by centering the wire rope through the seal.

  • The grease seals are made from high wear resistant polyurethane. (See Fig. 3)

  • Don’t be misled by the high pressure 50:1 ratio grease pump pressure as this will not be the pressure in the collar.

Go to: Grease Penetration for more information.        


Fig. 3

Pressure Gauge

Recommended Pressure Gauge


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A-1600 System Case

. Case with wheels for easy handling and storage.