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NEW - Wire Rope Lubricators For Grease

The New wire rope circulating grease system is designed to apply NLGI #0, #1 & #2 wire rope greases. This new wire rope lubricator system ensures a constant grease pressure into the wire rope at slow & fast rope speeds. Unlike the traditional wire rope lubrication systems, we have developed our lubricating collar to return any clean unused grease back into the drum. This eliminates overpumping and in return saves our customers money

Corelube - Wire Lubricator A-1200-grease collar

Patent Pending

Corelube - Wire Lubricator A-1600 collar

New Recirculating Grease Systems from CORELUBE

Features of the New Wire Rope Grease Lubricator circulates the excess grease continuously back to the drum for re-use.

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A1200 Collar

Fits up to 1.575"-- Wire Ropes

Corelube - Wire Rope Lubricator A-1200-grease collar


Patent Pending

A1600 Collar

Fits up to 2.562"-- Wire Ropes

Corelube - Wire Rope Lubricator A-1600 collar

Patent Pending

1000G Collar

Fits up to 5" -- Wire Ropes

Corelube - Wire Rope Appicator 1000 collar

• Eliminates over-pumping mess by continuously circulating clean unused grease back to the drum.


• Eliminates the need for continuously adjusted pump output volume.


• The re-circulating feature works well on small cables & slow-moving wire ropes.


• Circulating feature reduces lubricant wastage to save you money and time.


• Four to six grease injector ports ensure even wire rope coverage.


• Lightweight solid heavy-duty aluminum collar.


• Handle grips incorporated into the collar.


• Scraper guide bushings install without tools and are machined to the cable diameter.


• The bushings extend the life of the seals and function as a thrust bearing for our custom-made wire rope groove cleaners.


• The collars fit between narrow rope spaces.

Recirculating Grease Collar


Patent Pending

Corelube - Wire Rope Lubricator A-1200 Collar

A-1200 Grease Collar

A-1200-LB3 System Pump


A-1600-LB3 System Pump


System Pump


A-1600-LB4 System Pump


System Pump



System Pump

Corelube - Grease Pumps

16 kg Container

55 kg Drum

180 kg Drum

Recirculating Grease System Advantages:

The New grease collars continuously circulate grease around the wire rope through 4 to 6 injection ports. The internal pressure can be controlled at all times. This ensures good penetration and even coverage. The excess clean grease is returned back to the container for recycling, this completely eliminates a mess from over pumping.



The wire rope can be stationary with the pump operating with no mess.  

wire rope lubricator

A-1200-LB3 Wire Rope Grease System

A-1600-LB3 Wire Rope Lubrication System

A-1600-LB3 Wire Rope Grease System

High pressure 50:1 ratio grease pumps can be misleading to the actual pressure in the grease collar. A pump output pressure of 5000 psi is not the pressure in the collar.

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