Wire Rope Automatic Lubricator Systems

The Corelube Equipments automatic wire rope lubricator is designed to control the wire rope coating thickness accurately. When the cable speed changes the coating thickness remains the same per meter regardless of the line speed.

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Designed & manufactured by Corelube Equipment.

The Corelube automatic wire rope lubricators are used by wireline companies & research ships and more.

Benefits of the Automatic Cable Lubrication System

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Automatic Wire Rope Lubrication Controls

  • Eliminates production shut down for maintenance of cable lubrication.


  • Significant reduction in lubrication wastage.


  • Significant environmental impact reduction.


  • One man cable lubrication operation.


  • Good cable lubricant penetration.

  • Quick & easy to operate.


Woods Hole Oceanographic  


Schlumberger Wireline OH Winch 


The wireline cable shown was lubricated with the automatic lubrication system.


The wireline cable shown is being lubricated with the automatic wire rope lubrication system with line speeds up to 400 ft. / min.